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Tille Modersohn in front of a self-portrait of her mother
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In 1978, the artist's daughter Tille Modersohn (1907–1998) founded the Paula Modersohn-Becker-Stiftung. She donated her part of the estate, consisting of more than 50 paintings, ca. 500 drawings – partly in sketchbooks – and etchings, to the foundation. It is the purpose of the foundation to preserve the estate of Paula Modersohn-Becker and to enhance the knowledge of the artist by researching and cataloguing her complete works, publishing the catalogues raisonnés and participating in exhibitions.

The paintings, drawings and prints of the foundation are shown and stored in the Kunsthalle Bremen and in the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum of the Museen Böttcherstraße together with their own possessions. These three Institutions own the major part of the artist's oeuvre. Their more than 100 paintings and 700 drawings provide a unique insight into the work of a great loner at the beginning of modern art.

Foundation board
Executive council:
Dr. Frank Schmidt, Bremen (Chairman)
Dr. Klaus Eissing, Bremen
Wolfgang Werner, Bremen

Joachim Döpp, Bremen
Simone Ewald, Bremen
Dr. Gerhard Finckh, Wuppertal
Dr. Gisela Götte, Neuss
Prof. Dr. Christoph Grunenberg, Bremen
Prof. Dr. Wulf Herzogenrath, Berlin
Regine Karstedt, Bremen
Dr. Peer Koch, Bremen
Antje Modersohn, Fischerhude
Dr. Karin Schick, Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Rainer Stamm, Oldenburg